Circus, music and puppets

" Combining music, circus shows and hand-made puppets » "

Each song tells a story and, in this show, the melody is backed up by different circus performances and hand-made puppets. Musicians, dancers and juggling performances entertain and excite the spectators of all ages. Everything is performed by a single actor in a unique concert.

An unpredictable journey in the name of originality ..
A show full of surprises, an accurate re-interpretation of popular songs and stories intended to present the participants in this extravagant concert..
The aim of the show is to create a playful atmosphere where a modern storyteller will guide the audience through his songs and performances. Juggling routines with percussion balls and mouth organ, musical and dancing puppets and many other surprises with the purpose of discovering a new, creative and funny way to play music together with the audience.
- A concert without space limits, suitable for all ages.
- Also child versio for school (Music youg public 6-12 ages)
- Duration: about 1 hour


The show highlights the playful dimension of music, the simple fun that derives from instruments which allow the musician to go beyond mere melodies.
Puppets and juggling routines will be brought to life by music, together with the actor's voice, leading the audience to travel through the atmospheres recalled by the shows.
This performance comes from the street experience and is suitable for all the ages and all the places that comply with the scenic spaces described in the technical sheet.

Scheda tecnica Technical sheet