About me

About me

Francesco Il mercante was born as an actor and street artist and now he performs on stages and squares all over the world.
At the age of 17 he began his experience as One man band, in the markets of northern Italy. In 2011, he founded the company "Circo l'Azione" with his colleagues based in Bergamo.
Through the company he developped his skills in the circus arts and he leart to gather and entertain crowds in the most unusual situations, growing up until to animate events such as the Venice Carnival.
His debut in France was thanks to his great passion for the theatre, which led him to study and work in Paris together with the director Jean-Paul Denizon.

Not only a musician, but also an inventor.., Francesco imagines and creates his own musical instruments and puppets such as the cello broom or the wine box that has become a guitar. Thanks to this inventiveness and the collaboration with Jean-Paul he develops and stages his first concert theatricalized: "A life of tin ”, about the theme of recycling objects and feelings.
A peculiarity of this original musician is the “Flat finger” guitar technique developed through the teachings of Maestro Maestro Walter Lupi,who encouraged him to compose and create music until the creation of his album "L’emi-ingrat” which deals with the themes of dreams , of travel and emigration in a self-ironic key.

The 2019 pandemic was an accelerator of situations and in Francesco's case, it brought great visibility on the web thanks to a street cover of the partisan song "Bella ciao", which made several million views on Youtube.
These figures lead Francesco to have a strong credibility which allows him to make a first tour in Quebec in 2022 and to return there in August 2023 by participating in festivals like the Ital-Fest of Montrealwhere he played his show in front of more than 2000 people.
This is just one of the great events he is brought to participate in on his tours that have taken him to Hungary, Germany, Belgium and even Californie, when in 2023 he did a tour in clubs in Sacramento and around San Francisco.

A special thanks goes to Andrea Ruberti who passed on his teachings in the art of mime and clown Ilaria Comisso (puppeteer) and Gabriele Nicu for supporting my project.



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